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From large auditorium installations to engaging and intimate 3D presentations, Emmy can provide your school with easy-to-use yet robust and cost-effective solutions that can be used to suit a wide range of needs from the classroom to the assembly hall.


In addition to the easy-to-use teaching solution, Emmy can provide you a complete and robust product and service in District-Wide Management. We will offer products from the optimal technology providers to your school, such as design, installation and provide technical support service at small classrooms, large auditoriums, training facilities, conference rooms, etc.   


Application of projection system in classrooms can encourage the participation of students in lesson while enhance the retention of the teaching content. It increases the interest of students on learning through video-game and interactive simulations to digital presentation. Emmy can provide your school a professional projection solution. 


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University - Medical Center


University - Auditorium

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CUHK 邵逸夫堂

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PLK Lam Man Chan English Primary School


Scout Association of Hong Kong


Vocational Training Council

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Yan Oi Tong Professional Training Centre

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