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As technology continually contributes to business efficiency, particularly in the communications field, more companies are turning to leading edge audio-visual solutions to meet meeting and conference needs. Indeed reliability and low cost of face-to-face communications is a must in today’s business environment. Emmy’s experts are happy to provide professional advice to make positive contribution to your efficiency and your bottom line.


Emmy is experienced in implementing high-end AV equipment for different venues, such as digital signage systems for hotels, home theatre systems for clubhouses and central control systems in boardrooms. We can provide a full service for your solution by sourcing products from the world’s top communication manufacturers.


For more information, please contact us at info@emmy.com.hk

TV Cart

H.I.T. TV with cartHK Observatory TV with TV cart (1)HK Observatory TV with TV cart (2)

Retail Shop

Skechers Paradise Mall (9)Skechers Paradise Mall (11)Skechers Paradise Mall (15)

Hotel Cozi

Hotel Cozi - TV Wall@LobbyHotel Cozi - TV1Hotel Cozi - TV2Hotel Cozi - TV3Hotel Cozi - Outlook

Restaurant "BGM Sytem"


BGM system


BGM system


BGM system


Gyukaku - Citywalk _BGM system



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